JFK Ask Not Quote + IMAGES Sharing Gallery

JFK Ask Not Quote + IMAGES Sharing Gallery
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This JFK Ask Not Quote Is A Famous Saying By One Of The Most Loved And Admired President In Us History. He Said This Famous Phrase During Inauguration For His Presidential Term. Individuals Who Were Present Or Heard Its Broadcast On TV And Radio Praised The New President. For more famous sayings by Us Presidents, visit Teddy Roosevelt Quotes blog post.

Following His Debut Address, Almost 75% Of Americans Communicated Endorsement And Support To President Kennedy. You Can Find The Quote Below.

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JFK Most Famous Quote

Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country

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Controversy About Assassination Of John F Kennedy

Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. According to the official investigation, he fired three shots, two of which hit Kennedy, in the neck and head. The third bullet, that is, the first shot hit Texas Governor John Connolly, who was also in the presidential limousine. It was an event that upset and changed the whole world. Many still doubt the official version.

November 22, 1963, is the day that changed modern history when the 35th American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight in the middle of Dallas. At 12.30 local time, three shots were fired at him from a rifle, two of which hit him, and he died shortly afterward before he was transferred to the hospital. For positive quotes, check Ronald Reagan Freedom Quote.

Hours later, former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, an eccentric person accused of assassinating Kennedy, who denied guilt, claiming his innocence. However, he could not prove that because he was killed two days later in the police station in front of the TV cameras.

He was killed by Jack Ruby, the owner of a nightclub linked to organized crime. That is why Lyndon Johnson, who became President of the United States after Kennedy’s assassination on November 29, formed the Warren Commission – the body that investigated the assassination because of the murder of the only accused Oswald because the trial was not possible.

The Warren Commission’s conclusion was that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and assassinated President Kennedy for unknown reasons.

However, despite the conclusions of the Warren Commission, many Americans still believe in numerous conspiracy theories related to Kennedy’s assassination, especially since five years later, in June 1968, his younger brother Robert Bobby Kennedy was killed during the presidential campaign.

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