How to keep a POSITIVE MINDSET – 12 TIPS

How to keep a POSITIVE MINDSET – 12 TIPS
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Dealing with everyday situations can be difficult. Knowing how to keep positive mindset can help you overcome those obstacles that are slowing you on your path to success.

Sometimes life can be cruel to you and make you feel worse than ever. In difficult times, it can seem almost impossible to be optimistic and positive when you are surrounded by difficulties and constant negativity. However, with a little effort and strong will, it can become much easier for you to view the glass as half full.

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Many times it seems that the only reaction in situations where it seems as if everything around us is collapsing is to lose hope and think negatively about everything. Our thoughts have a certain power and when we give up the spirit it is as if the body has also given up.

Our thoughts greatly affect our lives. When we think and feel negative, then we act negatively. When we think and feel positive, then we act positively.

There is a big difference between these two types of views. It can be said that one is negative and the other is positive. In fact, it is much more. Negative thinking reveals a lack of self-confidence and faith in oneself and others, and this quickly leads to a lack of motivation, resentment, and depression. Positive thinking, on the other hand, shows a lot more than just words that sound good and make you feel that way. It reveals determination, desire for success, self-confidence, self-confidence, and others.

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Below, you have tips on How to Keep a Positive Mindset.

Steps For Keeping A Positive Mindset

  1. Think of those who have a harder life than you. Remember that your situation is not the worst. While you may be going through a difficult period, be thankful for what you have and what possible worse situations you have avoided so far.
    • This does not mean that something bad has not already happened to you. Be able to admit it, but also find reasons for optimism in the given circumstances.
    • Don’t get too discouraged when you think about those who are in a worse situation. Pray for these people and hope that they too will find happiness and hope.
    • Remember to thank yourself and those who made your situation easier. Instead of taking basic things for granted, be grateful for the simple, small things you have, such as a bed for a comfortable sleep every night because you are not on hard concrete or on an ice bench. There is always reason to be grateful.
  2. Believe that everything will be fine. Think about trees. During the winter, the trees are bare and frozen. However, in the spring, it blooms into something wonderful. Just because “spring” may not have arrived yet, does not mean that the “winter” you are currently going through will not end. Believe that it will be solved in the end, that everything difficult that is happening to you has some reason and that, at some point soon, spring will dawn, even if you can’t see it now.
    • Remember to be patient. What we wait for is not as important as what happens to us while we wait for it, because the things that happen to you while you wait for it to get better can help you in the long run. Understand that if you are still waiting for your spring, you are not ready now – waiting is not a punishment, but a preparation.
  3. Focus on the blessings, not problems. Many times during the day, things go exactly the way we want, but when only one thing doesn’t go the way we want, it’s easy to get upset. Remember that more things go well than bad. It’s a difficult task, but if the positive outweighs the negative, shouldn’t your positive mood outweigh the negative? Think first of everything that happened according to plan today, and only then of what did not. Unless it is an extremely bad day, the positive things should far outweigh the negative ones.
  4. Find something positive in every situation. Even in difficult situations, such as being in a car accident, you can find some positive idea: “I will have a wonderful story to share with family, friends and colleagues.” Even if you can find only one positive thought, hold on to it firmly and come back to it when your mood subsides again.
    • Don’t try to do this right away. It often takes some time to sort out the impressions and feelings that accumulate in a negative situation, before you try to find something good. Trying to force yourself to think optimistically while you are still in emotional chaos or shock will not help – it will only emphasize the fact that you cannot find anything positive in a given situation.
  5. Don’t make a problem from something that isn’t. When you are overwhelmed and stressed, when you are already going through hard times, it is easy to turn a trifle into a huge problem. There are three ways to stop these thoughts. First, stop. Say to yourself, “Stop!” or “No, I’m not going to exaggerate again” as soon as your thoughts start in the style of “making a donkey mosquito“. If you still can’t get rid of thoughts like this even after you’ve told yourself to stop, then:
    • Take a deep breath. Sit or lie down in a quiet place, comfortably seated. Breathe deeply and align your thoughts with rhythmic inhales and exhales for about a minute or two, until you relax.
    • Go through your thoughts and re-examine them. Talking to a loved one and listening to their advice can help you get a broader picture of the situation. Next, ask yourself, “Will this be important in five days? And in five weeks?
  6. Let the very beginning of the day be positive for you. How you start your day usually determines how that day will unfold for you. If you wake up grumpy, full of stressful thoughts and negative expectations, it will most likely ruin the rest of your day. On the other hand, if you start your day with a pleasant conversation with someone, reading or watching some good news and detach yourself from everyday problems for a moment, you will probably feel much better for the rest of the day.
  7. Set short-term and long-term goals. Feeling stuck in difficulties can lead to frustration and helplessness. Instead of focusing on the difficulties you are going through, focus your attention on short-term and long-term goals. If you keep these goals in mind, you will find yourself thinking more about working towards those goals than about current problems and difficulties.
    • You can also think about what kind of person you would like to be. Think of the ideal version of yourself – physically, emotionally, professionally and personally. Once it takes over your mind, try to make decisions and react like that ideal version and, thus, start to look more and more like the person you want to be. It will also help you separate your thoughts from current problems.
  8. Do not punish or blame yourself for the situation you find yourself in. Absolutely nothing good can bring you underestimation or self-criticism. Negativity will only bring even more negativity. Therefore, replace these negative thoughts with encouraging, positive ones. Remember that humiliating or blaming yourself leads nowhere – instead of just sitting back and blaming yourself for everything, give yourself a positive boost, stand up and do everything you can to solve the problem.
  9. Exercise. Get out for a walk or a run. Sitting and brainstorming about the difficulties that are going through you will only make you sink even deeper into depression. When you are on the move, blood flows to the brain, providing it with the necessary nutrients. This will make you more energetic to the point where new, positive thoughts will replace negative ones. All in all, you benefit from receiving the necessary nutrients and energy which, in turn, reduces stress and enhances the feeling of satisfaction and creativity.
  10. Immerse yourself in a variety of activities. Get involved in some additional activities of your choice such as: painting, cooking, blogging, cycling or anything that sounds interesting. You can also try some activities that would be new to you or get involved in something you really like. When you are engaged in such activity, your mind will stay away from negativity, thinking about problems, and will focus on that hobby. Not to mention how much your skill will improve in that activity!
  11. Relax through fun and recreation. Organize an evening of board games, regardless of age. Invite a few friends, make a delicious snack and play board games. You can also go out for lunch somewhere – look for discounts in restaurants, and with your meal, instead of juice, take water with lemon. Or, after all, invite friends over, make popcorn and watch a movie.
  12. Stop playing victim. In difficult times, it is easier to play the victim than to take responsibility. But it only encourages negativity, it was about your actions or thoughts, and that can drive away from you those who would like to help you. By removing this “victim label”, you get rid of resentment, bitterness and other bitter emotions that will only suppress positive and creative thoughts that would otherwise lift your mood and help you get out of a crisis situation.

IMPORTANT. Do you believe in yourself?

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A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid that a branch will burst, because it does not trust the branch, but its own wings.

Do you trust your “wings”? ❤️

Do you have confidence in yourself? ❤️

You may now be wondering: In what ways can I build confidence in myself and my wings? There are several ways, below I will list a few. ❤️

Fulfill your given expectations ❤️

How many times have you promised yourself something and not done it? So you were angry and mad at yourself. So you told yourself that you were incompetent and that you didn’t know anything. It’s time to change that. Set small goals, give yourself small promises, and fulfill them. These goals really don’t need to be big. Set goals that you know and you are sure you will achieve. Doing so will increase your self-confidence and self-belief.

Stop humiliating yourself ❤️

Would you tell your best friend, partner, child the ugly things you say to yourself? I’m sure not… So stop telling yourself that. Be gentle and gentle with yourself. Become your best friend.

Love and accept yourself as you are, with all your virtues and flaws ❤️

I know, I know… We can still love virtues, but flaws…. Oh…

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We often focus only on flaws and forget that we also have virtues. So take a piece of paper and write down what your virtues are. Write them at least 10. A lot? Write 2 then, but really do it. 🙂

I mean, having a pro i7 4k machine is great, but if you dont, it`s not the end of the world.

Nobody says that flaws should be suppressed, that you should not deal with them, but increase your focus on virtues, because they are also there, but if we are constantly in the focus of flaws, we will not see them….

And we will think that we are bad and that we are not good… And that is not a good feeling, is it? You are special and unique just like this with all the flaws and virtues. Learn to use your flaws, to make them work for you and not against you. 🙂 Hire them. 🙂

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